Create a ponytail, then wrap your hair around the base to make a bun. To make a perfect ballerina bun, comb your hair into a neat ponytail at the top of your head just above the crown. Secure the ponytail with an elastic, then wrap the length of the ponytail in a spiral around the elastic.
Tuck the ends of your ponytail under the bun, then secure the whole thing with 3-7 bobby pins, depending on the length and thickness of your hair.

Divide your hair into 2 ponytails to create playful double buns. You can make these on the top of your head or down low near the nape of your neck. Use the teeth or tail of a comb to create a clean part between the buns.
Pile your hair roughly into a bun at the crown of your head or behind one ear to create a trendy messy bun. For a more piecey look, spray your hair with texturizing spray first.

Pull back only the top section of your hair for a half-up half-down look. Wearing your hair half-up is a great way to change up your style while keeping your hair out of your face. Use the end of a rat-tail comb to part your hair horizontally from ear to ear, then gather the top half of your hair and secure it with an elastic. This style works on almost any hair length, and it can be worn on straight, wavy, or curly hair. Braid small sections of your hair to add more interest to this look. You could braid a few pieces in the top half of your hair before you pull it up, or braid a section behind your ear and leave it down. Add a small barrette just above your hair elastic for an extra feminine touch.

Create an up-do to show off curly hair by pinning it back loosely. Pull your hair into a loose ponytail and secure it with an elastic, but leave a few curls free around your face. Twist your hair and pin it to the back of your head with a large clip or several bobby pins, then sweep your remaining curls back over the top of the twist and pin them in place.
When pinning the top section of your hair, try to leave it as loose as possible so you don't flatten out your curls.
Finish this look by placing a pretty comb or barrette behind one ear.
Don't worry if a few tendrils fall out of this up-do. This look works best with a few stray curls.

Pull your hair to one side and braid it loosely for a romantic look. A messy side braid looks soft and feminine, and it’s the kind of style that looks better as the day goes on and little tendrils come loose. Gather your hair behind one ear, then braid it loosely in a traditional braid and secure it with an elastic.
Gently tug the individual plaits of your braid outwards to loosen them. This will make your hair look like it has more volume.
Braid a small section of hair and gradually add more for a French braid. Section out a small piece of hair at the front of your head near the hairline. Twist this section 2-3 times in a regular braid, then use your index fingers to add additional hair to the braid. Add more hair every time you criss-cross strands. Keep doing this until you’ve added all of your hair to the braid, then secure it with an elastic.
The trickiest part of French braiding is holding your hair. Try holding a section between your second and third fingers, grasp another section between your first and second fingers, and hold the third section with the palm of your hand.
Try parting your hair down the center and making 2 French braids to create texture and contrast in your hairstyle.